Circulars and Notices
Published Title  
17/Oct/2018 Online Filing of Annual Accounts
17/Sep/2018 Registry New Opening Hours
30/Jun/2018 Issue of Shares for Consideration other than in Cash - Capitalisation of Loans
20/Jun/2018 Declaration on Beneficial Owners
21/Dec/2017 Important Notice to company directors and company service providers
19/Dec/2017 Registration of new companies as from 1st January 2018
20/Jul/2017 Enhancement of the Registry of Companies Online System
19/Jul/2017 Companies Act (Fees) Regulations
19/Jul/2017 Change in Fees
22/Jun/2017 Notice to Company Officers
22/Jun/2017 Information on Reliability of Registered Documents
22/Jun/2017 Evidence of Paid Up Share Capital - New Companies in Formation
01/Jan/2017 Notice on Penalties
01/Jan/2016 Notice to Company Directors
04/Dec/2015 Companies Act (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2015
12/Jan/2015 Changes in Companies Act
04/Mar/2014 Duty on Document Evidence
31/May/2013 Notice Regarding Article 211 of the Companies Act
01/Sep/2011 ROC Publication Fees 2011
09/Jan/2011 Information for Directors and Secretaries
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