Circulars and Notices
Published Title  
30/Oct/2020 Notice to Liquidators with respect to pending winding up
26/Oct/2020 Notice on the use of Electronic Signatures
19/Aug/2020 Important Notice to Subject Persons and Administrators of Legal Organisations
19/Aug/2020 Ordering Certificates Online
10/Jul/2020 Annual General Meeting of Public Companies
23/Jun/2020 Disqualified Directors and Disqualification of Directors
17/Jun/2020 Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies) Regulations
16/Jun/2020 Important Notice to Officers - Beneficial Owner Forms
02/Jun/2020 The MBR publishes its 2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements
26/May/2020 Re-opening of MBR Offices
13/May/2020 Appointment of Special Controllers in terms of Article 329B of the Companies Act
28/Apr/2020 Important Notice to Subject Persons
02/Apr/2020 Update regarding processing of documents and on-site inspections
25/Mar/2020 Important Notice - Submission of Annual Returns and Financial Statements
13/Mar/2020 Important Notice - Offices Closed
05/Mar/2020 Register of Beneficial Owners (Foundations and Associations) - Updated Forms
20/Jan/2020 Register of Beneficial Owners (Foundations and Associations)
02/Jan/2020 Access to information on Beneficial Owners of Commercial Partnerships
24/Dec/2019 Relocation of the International Tax Unit (ITU) Offices
10/Sep/2019 Company Search and Purchase of Documents made Public
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