Online Filing Information
ROC Online System - Online Filing Functionality
The ROC Online System provides functionality which allows electronic forms to be filed and signed electronically using a personal digital certificate. This online service uses the Secure Socket Layer protocol which is the standard mechanism used by web browsers to encrypt information. When you enter the service, the SSL encrypts all the information you enter before sending it to us. This ensures that no-one can intercept and read your details. Currently the documents available for electronic filing are:
  • Annual Returns
  • Annual Accounts
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form BO - Declaration on Beneficial Owners
  • Form B1 - Notice of resolution for dissolution and consequential winding up
  • Form B2 - Declaration of solvency
  • Form F - Notice to Registrar to exercise his power to appoint an auditor
  • Form F1 - Notice of the removal of an auditor
  • Form F2 - Notification by partnership/company of the resignation of an auditor
  • Form H - Return of allotments of shares
  • Form I - Notice that a company has become a Single-Member Company
  • Form I1 - Notice that a company has ceased to be a Single-Member Company
  • Form K - Notification of changes amongst directors or company secretary or in the representation of a company
  • Form L - Notice of appointment of liquidator
  • Form L3 - Notice of resignation of a liquidator
  • Form Q - Notification of change in registered office of a company
  • Form S - Declaration of compliance with Article (110(4)) relating to financial assistance given by a private company for the purchase of its own or its parent company's shares
  • Form T - Notice of transfer or transmission of shares
  • Form T1 - Notice of redemption of preference shares
  • Form T2 - Notice of pledge of securities
  • Form T3 - Notice of termination of a pledge of securities
  • Report in terms of Sec. 73(6) - Non-Cash Consideration
  • Increase in Issued Share Capital
User Type Roles
This new functionality is open to any individual who is:
  • Currently a Normal User of the ROC Online System and requests to be upgraded to an Authorised User.
  • A new user registering as an Authorised User.
  • A new user registering as a Signatory Only User.
Normal User
The Normal User role can make searches on the Maltese Company Register, download documents and reserve a company name.
Authorised User
The Authorised User role is available to those wishing to create and submit any of the available online forms or to create, submit and sign electronically a Memorandum and Articles of Association document on behalf of clients.
Signatory Only User
The Signatory Only User role is available to company directors and/or secretaries wishing to sign electronically documents related to their company/ies.
What is required to use this service?
In order to avail of these new services with the ROC Online System, the following are required:

Kindly follow the Gemalto & E-Lock Installation Guide in order to be able to sign documents within the online system.
You can also refer to the Online Filing User Guide to see how electronic filing works.
How long does the process for the Online Filing of documents take to complete online?
The time taken to complete the electronic process and Online Filing varies depending on the type of document being filed, and may take between 3 to 15 minutes. The end-user has the option to save his/her current state before submission.
How long does it take for the ROC to complete your Online Filing submission?
The process of vetting and processing of the submission usually takes up to 5 working days to complete.
How are the ROC services monitored, assessed and improved?
All Government services are subject to monitoring and assessment by the Better Regulation Unit and Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy within OPM, to ensure the implementation of Better Regulation principles and procedures within the Public Sector.